Case Studies


Case Studies

Georgeta G - LACW L3 Apprentice - February 2020

'What Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours have you learnt since you started your apprenticeship programme'

Since I started my apprenticeship I have used the knowledge gained to ensure the caring for the residents is consistent and that it makes a positive impact on their life by delivering compassion, courage and good communication with the residents, relatives and staff members.

I have improved my person centred skills to make sure all of the residents needs are being met and helped other colleagues to deliver the same person centred care by setting up care plans for the residents individual needs.

I have also learned more about the mental illness that the residents suffer with and how to achieve best care for the individuals and to provide full support.

Laura F - LACW L3 Apprentice - February 2020

'What Knowledge, Skills and behaviours have you learnt since you started your apprenticeship programme'

Knowledge: - Whilst doing my apprenticeship I have felt that a lot of knowledge has come from policies and procedures. I feel when discussing a care environment the stigma is that you go in and you take care of somebody. Little do people understand that there are a lot of do's and don'ts that you have to follow and the amount of planning and documentation that is needed for every individual as well as day to day care records.

Skills:- I feel I have learnt a lot of skills from different units. I have especially enjoyed the dementia side to my job alongside the diet and nutrition. I feel I have learnt different ways to get people to think and that with persistence I have got myself into their way of thinking to figure out likes and dislikes of my service users.

Behaviours:- I have felt that I have changed my way of thinking. In everyday life I am generally hot headed and like change. This isn't possible in a care industry and I have found that consistency is key. Even if something feels like it isn't going anywhere if you continue to persevere then you can usually gain trust or respect and it will pay off.

Samantha H, ACW L2 Apprenticeship, 31-01-2020

Samantha is a carer in a large Norfolk residential home for dementia individuals. Samantha enrolled up on the Adult care worker level 2 apprenticeship on 26th Sept 2018. Samantha was excited to start her award and a little nervous. As she has a young family as well as working day shifts at the care home. Lots to fit in. Samantha got off to a great start then sadly had some illness, but she pushed on juggling everything and completed her apprenticeship awards October 2019. Samantha went on to take her End Point Assessment test in Nov 2019 and passed with a merit! Due to Xmas, the care home having a bug and matters beyond Samantha's control, Samantha sat her EPA discussion in January 2020, Samantha had revised and swotted ready for this, worrying about the time that had lapsed, no need, Sam passed with another merit! We are all proud of Samantha's determination and hard work. Samantha has learned reflection is a good tool. She is presently enjoying working in her present role, putting learning into practice every day. We all wish Samantha well in her future career and choices.

Yanli W - ACW L2 Apprentice - Feb 2020

'What Knowledge, Skills and behaviours have you learnt since you started your apprenticeship programme'

From completing my level 2 apprenticeship, I have gained lots of new knowledge and skills to implement within my role. For example update new legislation. How to follow the policies and procedures and working in agreed ways.

I am now also aware of British values and the 6c's and how to put these into practice, it has improved my responsibility.

I have gained additional skills towards my Maths and English achieving level 1 and 2.

I know how to monitor, input and output for the residents and about special dietary needs for diabetes for individuals.

It has made me more confident and professional when I deal with the residents and staff.

Zoe S - ACW L2 Apprentice - February 2020

'What Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours have you learnt since you started your apprenticeship programme'

Knowledge - I have learnt and expanded my knowledge in many areas since beginning this course. I would say that my knowledge grew more widely from Unit H6167304 - Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Condition. It is only recently that I have supported clients with autism, therefore this unit has been very useful. I feel much more confident in supporting individuals with autism.

Skills - Most of what I have learnt are skills I put into practice daily in my job, it has made me much more mindful. For example, I have thought more carefully regarding how I can communicate information to clients who may be hard of hearing etc. This could include drawings etc.

Behaviours - I have been much more mindful with the techniques used to communicate with clients. Instead of verbal communication I have used other methods such as drawings or gesture. I have felt much more confident in supporting individuals as I have been able to learn new things and expand on my knowledge in units covered on this course.

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